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19. 3M 원터치 테이프 디스펜서인데 이거 정말 좋아. 할인할 때 꼭 구매해. 내가 살 땐 [9260원/무료배송]이었어.

위에서 시킨대로 할인 받으면 저 가격이 나와!

늘 이 가격은 아니야. 쿠폰 잘 받아서 사면 돼.ㅎ

How-to Load a Heavy Duty Packaging Dispenser

Having trouble loading your Scotch Brand Heavy Duty Packaging Dispenser? Watch this demo to learn how.
Jessica R : I just watched the Russian version and it taught me more than this useless video... and I couldn’t even understand what they were saying. But they did a great job in demonstrating unlike you.
John : HorseShit!!!!
GNFTR : Hey 3M - this is the biggest piece of shit product you have ever made!
El Tratante : take advantage of this offer https://amzn.to/30RAdAf
Ausy : I guess people are failing to see that's all there is to it. Load it as shown, leave a few inches out, lift the gate back up, and tape up your boxes!

3M Professional Packing Tape Dispenser Review

Here I am comparing the three most common types of 3M professional packing tape dispenser thing tools . .

Tony Robles : Fantastic video! I had no clue how to use the professional one! Thanks for your awesome explanation and keep up the great work! =)
DawgYankee : any idea how to load the tape on the pro model because without the tape it's as useless and boobs on a hammer
Vc Strly : Thank you very much for teaching me how to use it. I just got the last version you mentioned, and I couldn't figure out how to use it. You are very good explaining. I don't know what I would do without Youtube videos. I was surprised to find this kind of tutorial. Wow, if you can't figurate out something, go to Youtube! it'll teach you anything you need to know. Thanks a lot
C Black : Why did you demo the one that no one really uses
Darryl Long : Most watched to find how to load. Nope secret.




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