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Will Phuket & Pattaya survive | Without Tourists #livelovethailand

Will Phuket \u0026 Pattaya survive | Without Tourists #livelovethailand
Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful day, where ever you are in this world, as usual every Sunday we are with you, for updates from Thailand \u0026 interesting topics, that are related to the latest touristic situations, new regulations, visa requirements and more.

Attempts are failed
As you know lately Thailand made many attempts, to recover tourism and open its doors gradually, but all of these steps did not work due to, high requirements and mostly because of the high costs and regulations, and now lately, the emergency decree has been extended till January 15, 2021, and that means, the high season is still on break, unless miracles can happen because of a vaccine.

Who is suffering more
Now we know all of Thailand has been affected, because of the pandemic, and things are not same since march 2020, but there are two major touristic areas in Thailand, that is suffering mostly \u0026 we don’t know if they will survive, or pass this hard times, Phuket \u0026 Pattaya these two lively places, that were on the top of touristic destinations for decades, now they have to tell you a different story.

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Phuket in a Covid crisis

Hotels Closed, Restaurants Boarded Up, Thousands Left Unemployed. Over 100,000 people have left the island. While you are here, please SUBSCRIBE to our channel.

A year ago, the streets of this tourist island were brimming with a diverse international tourism mix. In fact the island had become one of the most popular tropical island destinations in the world, catering for both the high end, the back-packers and just about everything in between.

But nearly 9 months into a global coronavirus pandemic, things are now very, very different.

Teweewong Road, west coast, shuttered, never to re-open
Since Thailand’s borders were closed, Thailand’s tourist magnets, including the southern island of Phuket, have faced the prospect of at least a short to medium term future without any means to run their businesses. Each of these shops is an individual, maybe a family, friends, employees, a landlord… all suddenly cut off from an income. Their sin, choosing to run a business, and pay hefty rents for the pleasure, in areas where tourists wanted to visit.

In the case of Phuket, which previously attracted 8-10 million international visitors a year, its cash lifeline, probably more than 90% of its economy, has been cut off.

The provincial government has done little, can do little, to help. The Thai government has had a round of cash handouts for people losing their job, but, in many cases, these have either been negligible and in some cases, never turned up. Either way, none of the government’s stimulus has been able to do much to help the island find a new pathway to re-open all these businesses.

As for Phuket’s 2,000 or so hotels and guesthouses, most of them still have their doors locked, some even completely vacated without even maintenance staff. The prospect of their survival, on domestic tourism alone, is impossible - Phuket, just too far away from the country’s population centres to get any passing or weekend traffic.

Patong Beach, usually packed, east coast, facing extinction
The island’s east coast, where many of the Thai’s live and the established families have their businesses, have burst back to life following the lifting of lockdown provisions in May and June this year. But a drive through the west coast towns looks more like the set of a dystopian Hollywood set, bereft of tourists, locals, and empty streets lined with row after row of shuttered shops.

This isn’t an exaggeration, this is how it is, and has been for months with little hope of the situation improving any time soon.
The businesspeople here followed the government’s demands to close up shop and lockdown for 6 week in March and April. A 6 week interruption to their businesses would be bad enough. But, here we are, 6 months later and the situation remains bleak.

In fact most of the owners and employees of these businesses have stripped their shops, left the island and headed back to their homes.
For the locals, who call Phuket home, they’ve had to find a new life, a new job and make a new start, often helped along by the kindness of strangers and the island’s expat community.

Thailand's travel and hospitality industries, and they ARE industries, especially on an island like Phuket, are now in a perpetual limbo. Whilst everyone is happy to see a development like the Special Tourist Visa, it is not even a remotely sustainable model for Thailand's tourism industry beyond the immediate short-term and will do little get these shops open again.

Sad situation, the future, will remain closed, a shadow of former self

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Bangla Road: WALKING TOUR, Patong, Phuket, Thailand [4K] [2020]

This video is a travel video and FULL WALKTHROUGH of Bangla Road in Patong, Phuket, Thailand. Did you like this video? Subscribe to this channel to keep updated. Leave a comment and let me know what you think about this video!

Name: Bangla Road
Video object: street / road / nightlife area
City location: Patong (Phuket)
Country location: Thailand

In this video:
0:11 Part 1: Walking past all bars and nightclubs on the left side of Bangla Road Phuket
8:13 Part 2: Walking past all bars and nightclubs on the right side of Bangla Road Phuket

In this video I walk past ALL THE BARS AND NIGHTCLUBS of Bangla Road. By watching this video you can have a closer look at the people and girls of Bangla Road and you can also have a closer look of inside and outside all the bars and nightclubs of Bangla Road Phuket.

Bangla Road is also known as Bangla Street, Thanon Bangla, Soi Bangla, Bangla Walking Street, Bangla Road Patong, and Bangla Road Phuket.

Bangla Road is a 400 meter long street / road, also called ''Soi''. Bangla Road in Patong / Phuket is internationally famous for its notorious nightlife and attracts tourists from all over the world. At Bangla Road you find the highest number of bars and nightclubs in Patong and Phuket.

Bangla Road is one of the most popular, well-known, and busiest places to party in Patong and Phuket. At Bangla Road there are many bars, nightclubs, cafes, a gogo bars, beer bars, massage shops, restaurants, hotels, hostels, street vendors that are selling street food, clothes, and tourist souvenirs, and supermarkets.

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