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CompTIA A+ Certification Video Course


My CompTIA A+ eBook

This is the Animated CompTIA A+ Certification Video Course 220-901.

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Topics Include:
Input Devices \u0026 Peripherals: 0:10
Monitors: 11:09
Printers: 20:20
Storage Devices: 31:31
Mobile \u0026 Laptop Issues: 42:40
Power Supply: 52:57
Motherboard Form Factor: 55:06
I/O Interfaces: 1:00:29
Adapter / Expansion Cards: 1:08:05
RAM Slots: 1:17:52
Cooling: 1:21:23
RAM: 1:26:48
CPU, Socket, Chipset: 1:42:44
Bus Slots: 2:02:05
BIOS / CMOS: 2:08:55
RAID: 2:18:53
Networking Cables \u0026 Connectors: 2:23:19
Wiring Standards: 2:31:40
Firewalls: 2:35:07
Media Types: 2:36:47
Network Components: 2:41:20
Wireless Technologies: 2:49:13
IP Address: 2:51:54
IP Addressing Methods: 2:59:43
TCP/IP Protocol Suites: 3:04:38
Ports: 3:16:56
Internet Access Technologies: 3:18:32
Network Types: 3:23:56
Networking Tools: 3:25:56
SOHO Routers \u0026 Wifi: 3:28:59
Network Utilities: 3:40:17

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CompTIA A+ Simulation Q&A part 1

CompTIA A+ Simulation
Are you getting ready for the Comp TIA A+ Exam? Need some extra help? Prepare for your exam using my Informatik lab CompTIA study videos. I have designed these videos to help you acquire the skills and knowledge you need to pass your exam. I passed and so can you!

In the meantime, don’t forget to check the exam objectives.

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